The project

In 2018, we developed the B Heroes Junior project, an educational project for children aged 3 to 10, whose aim is to support their skills by making them responsible for the learning process.

We have chosen to work on the skills that underpin entrepreneurship. These activities encourage the development of different skills: learning by doing, lateral thinking, proactive approach, emotional management and so on. B Heroes Junior also involves children in a vulnerable state, setting up scholarships for them and creating mixed groups of participants.


B Heroes Junior is a project aimed at boys and girls aged between 3 and 10, to support their ability to get involved, do, and learn.

We aim to create an educational ecosystem that nurtures and spreads entrepreneurial culture starting from early childhood through authentic and meaningful educational experiences involving different developmental plans.

Our goal is to create the conditions to support children’s natural learning abilities by opening up avenues of discovery that encourage critical thinking, creative thinking, independent reasoning, cooperation and empathy.

Our educational model

Children at the centre of the educational process

The planning of B Heroes Junior activities is inspired by the firm belief that children are competent and should actively pursue their own growth path.

  • Child-friendly entrepreneurship

We foster the development of entrepreneurial skills through authentic, meaningful and purposeful educational experiences that engage different developmental plans and strengthen the underlying life skills that lead to entrepreneurship.

  • Inclusion

We value individual differences and abilities and choose to dedicate a part of our workshops to children in a state of vulnerability, so that they can get quality education and live their social life in a full and inclusive way.

Our workshops

  • Emotional competence and self-awareness

We focus on the development of empathy and emotional intelligence through workshops where children can learn to recognize their own emotional states and those of others as well as how to manage the overcoming of inhibitions.

  • Critical, creative and lateral thinking

We encourage the critical, open and questioning gaze of children. This is why we decided to design workshops and exploratory courses where children get involved and learn by doing.

  • Innovative approaches

Through innovative approaches, we promote cognitive processes that address issues related to entrepreneurial culture and more generally to the spirit of initiative, the ability to work in a team and the culture of error.