lastminute foundation aims to change the non-profit sector with a disruptive and innovative approach in the design and choice of the projects to support in order to have a real impact on society

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Whatever you do, make a difference. That’s what we want to do, change charities with efficiency and openness.



BE YOURSELFwith fearless acts of spontaneity you can make the difference with all the people who trust you  BE BOLD Be innovative and creative in finding unconventional and relevant solutions for old and new problems  OWN IT if you want to change the word you have to be brave and to look foward. And never take a no for an answer


our projects

Speed-up innovation for social change

Since its birth in 2016 we have designed and developed projects that embody values ​​and main goals of the foundation.

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supported projects

Innovation for social impact

We give direct support to Nonprofit Organisations, projects and companies who make a positive social impact through innovation. We operate principally by offering our support, above all, in technology and marketing, to help the promotion and foundraising for individuals and associations that have interesting projects.

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