What we do

Innovation for social impact

We give direct support to Nonprofit Organisations, projects and companies who make a positive social impact through innovation.
We operate principally by offering our support, above all, in technology and marketing, to help in the promotion and the collection of funds for individuals and associations that have interesting projects.


Our projects so far

Youth for technology

Lastminute foundation has supported Women entrepreneurs and Mobile Value Added Services program that enable women to access business and technology training in order to achieve results in business expansion, diversification and additional revenue. Youth for Technology Foundation’s mission is to create enriched learning communities where the appropriate use of technology affords opportunities for marginalized youth […]

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In 2019 we supported the “Coordinamento Nazionale degli Insegnanti Specializzati e la ricerca sulle situazioni di Handicap” for its studies and research activities in the field of learning psychopathology, psychopedagogy of handicap situations and individualized pedagogical intervention.

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A.I.R Down

In 2018 the Foundation supported A.I.R. Down ONLUS, voluntary organization founded in 1999 as an association of parents, relatives and volunteers. Its purpose is to promote policies and initiatives that encourage personal fulfilment, autonomy and social inclusion of people with Down syndrome.

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Digital 4 non profit

In 2018 the foundation supported the Comunità di San Patrignano – which for 41 years has welcomed boys and girls with serious drug problems completely free of charge and without asking for any contribution from their families or fees to the State – for the realization of the event Digital 4 Non-Profit. D4NP is an […]

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B Heroes Junior

In 2018 we have developed B Heroes Junior project, an educational project for kids between 3 and 10 years old, whose aim is to support their skills making them responsible of the learning process. We chose to work on competences that are the base of the entrepreneurship. These activities encourage the development of several skills: […]

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B Heroes

B Heroes is a project that aims to promote the entrepreneurship culture as real instrument for the sustainable development, training new entrepreneurs with the help of successfully entrepreneurs and involving a wider audience through the television.  

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Voxxed Days Ticino 2017

We launched the contest #NextHeroDeveloper for Usi and Supsi students to draw the attention on the contribution of coding to sustainable development.

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lastminute Heroes 100%

Our fundraising project: lastminute Heroes 100%

Our platform is 100% free, efficient and transparent to help non-profit organisations to promote and fundraise their projects.

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Fondazione Azione Posti Liberi

Our Projects: legal assistance and protection for migrants

We supported the project “Legal Protection” aiming to guarantee legal assistance and protection for unaccompanied migrant minors and particularly vulnerable people seeking asylum in the Canton Ticino.

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Viaggio Italia

Our Projects: Viaggio Italia - accessibility, sports, travel and IT

We were partners of Viaggio Italia 2016, the first format to combine disability, sport, travel and innovation technology.

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lastminute forest

Our projects: lastminute forest

A reforestation project and compensation of CO2 at a high technological level to plant our forest in Kenya and see grow our trees every day.

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TEDxMilano 2017

Our projects: Incroci at TedxMilano

To promote the spread of innovative ideas, lastminute foundation has chosen to be partner of TEDxMilano, the Italian TED talks that took place in Milan on the 16th October 2016.

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Endeavor Italia

Our projects: high impact entrepreneurship with Endeavor Italia

The first step to support hi-impact entrepreneurship, thanks to our partnership with Endeavor Italia.

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