Fabio Cannavale, CEO and cofounder of lastminute.com group, decided to establish the foundation and support it both as group CEO and personally. Since 2004, when he created with a partner the Group from scratch, he has always been conscious that having strong values as an entrepreneur and sharing them with his team and customers is key for the growth of a company.

Now, with the foundation, our aim is to share our experience, our skills and our assets to make the world a better place.

lastminute foundation has been founded in May 2016, and it is based in Chiasso and been registered and received the fiscal exemption by the Swiss Authorities.

Read our statute and our deed of incorporation.

Our main interests

1 Investments for sustainable development

There are some investments in innovation that could not repay the initial capital soon enough to be considered good business opportunities. But they could break even pretty soon and have a strong social impact. This is the kind of projects we like as a foundation.

2 Digital consciousness

We want to help kids, adults and elders to stop being passive users and improve their use of technologies. We will focus on digital natives, promoting the learning of computational thinking and the ability to solve problems.

3 Culture and environment

Beauty and art are essential to the travelling experience, that’s why we want to use our unconventional approach to protect and develop new cultural initiatives and a more sustainable environmental resource management.

Whatever you do, just make a difference.
We want ot change the world of charities with efficiency and with full transparency.

Fabio Cannavale – CEO at lastminute.com