Founded in May 2016, based in Chiasso, lastminute foundation was created with the purpose of:

  1. Promoting social, cultural and technological innovation together with social solidarity through the development and spread of innovative technological services and IT Systems. In particular, the Foundation promotes the development, spread and the use of technologies which improve the quality of life of disadvantaged, fragile or vulnerable people, both directly or through support for third party projects.
  2. Promoting public utility activities in international development cooperation and international solidarity (especially in the health sector, environmental protection, social services and activities in particular towards minors and disadvantaged people).
  3. Carrying out charitable activities, indirectly as well, through the support and partnership with other non-profit and public utility organizations, entities of the third sector and of the social economy.

In the context of its activities, the Foundation is attentive to the principles of sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and philanthropy.

Lastminute foundation has been registered and received the fiscal exemption by the Swiss Authorities.

Our main objectives

1 Investments for sustainable development

There are some investments in innovation that could not repay the initial capital soon enough to be considered good business opportunities. But they could break even pretty soon and have a strong social impact. This is the kind of projects we like as a foundation.

2 Social Entrepreneurship

We want to support high impact entrepreneurs who develop solutions aiming at bringing concrete benefits to people and society, through training activities and building an effective and positive impact entrepreneurial ecosystem.

3 Education

We want to create an educational ecosystem that cultivates and spreads entrepreneurial culture starting from the early childhood. In an ever-changing society like ours – entrepreneurship is of key importance and it is a crucial topic that should be dealt already with young children.

4 Corporate Social Responsibility

We want to rewrite the way of doing business: making sure that the economic activities carried out by the companies can be regenerative and create a positive impact on people and the environment. We, therefore, support the development of corporate social responsibility activities of partner companies and we develop partnerships with organizations and institutions that work in this field

Whatever you do, just make a difference.
We want ot change the world of charities with efficiency and with full transparency.

Fabio Cannavale – CEO at