Bringing the approach to nonprofit

lastminute foundation aims to change the not for profit sector in the same way the Group changed the travel market, by aggregating and promoting the best existing projects.

Our Manifesto

The lastminute foundation shares the same values as our company and our customers:

  • 1 Be Yourself: With fearless acts of spontaneity you can make the difference with all the people who trust you.
  • 2 Be Bold: Be innovative and creative in finding unconventional and relevant solutions for old and new problems.
  • 3 Own It: If you want to change the world you have to be brave and forward thinking. And never take a no for an answer.
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Whatever you do, make a difference. That's what we want to do, change charities with efficiency and openness.

Fabio Cannavale - CEO

We care about what you care about

We have a disruptive approach to charity activities, using marketing and technology to promote personal engagement for a more sustainable world. is an innovative platform that will change the world of fundraising in three simple ways:

Being Efficient: an easy donation process without the traditional fundraising costs.

Being Transparent: direct relationships between donors and beneficiaries, all expense reported.

A 100% Model: a totally free platform, all costs, including bank charges paid by lastminute foundation.

This means that the 100% of the money raised go directly to those in need.

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